Making Money in 30 Days or Less

I’d like to discuss with you today one of the most important aspects of our speaking business:  maintaining a leads pipeline.

As a business owner, and especially as one whose business it is to be an expert, your number one job in life is now marketing.

It is not storytelling, it is not keynote crafting, and it is not creating lovely materials for your intellectual property. By the way, I no longer spend time developing intellectual property; I simply look into my past notes and write lists on white poster paper. In my experience, the time and effort needed to produce materials takes away from time marketing or delivering and it doesn’t add much value to either.

If you are not prepared to make marketing yourself and your message about 50% of what you do, you should consider just taking a job, or teaching a public speaking course at a college or community center. This is not an effort to discourage you. It is a realistic observation of what those who are actually making real headway in this business do.

I coach consultants to create six- and seven-figure Incomes, and the major obstacle holding any of them back from reaching their goals is their willingness to be a marketing legend.

Here are three steps that will get you on your way to creating unstoppable gravity for your mission and message:

Number One: Figure out the target role that would purchase your services, both in associations and in corporations. If you don’t know this, you may need to rethink whether you are indeed an expert in the area you claim to be. (I’m sure there are situations where this is not true, so don’t take me too seriously.)

Find people who do what you do, look at the people who give them written or video reviews or have given them recommendations on LinkedIn, and see what roles those people have. Or simply call a person or two who were a level above you in the last places you worked and are “friendlies” and ask them who might hire someone who is doing what you were doing.

Number Two: Go through all of your contacts you have ever written to or received emails from. All email platforms allow you to extract the emails along with the names into an Excel sheet. Now go through each line and give them a point value.

  • The five is someone you know who is your target role. I look for product lead, head of business development, and head of innovation, along with executive roles.
  • The four is for somebody who works at a company you’d like to work for who does not have the target role but might be able to introduce you to someone who does.
  • The three is given to people who might know somebody at a company that you might want to work with.
  • A two is for people who you know but you have no idea who they might know and you are unsure whether they could refer you to anybody.
  • And one is for someone who might actually slow your progress or harm your reputation by giving you a referral.

Number Three: Now, every day, dial five numbers. Start with the fives, move to the fours, then the threes, then the twos. Skip the ones.

I doubt you’ll go more than 30 days without creating some serious momentum in your business. Have fun!

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