Links to useful resources
Use these to ensure the best experience for team or audience.

These are based on the technology, processes and flow of Jason's signature workshops and keynotes, but in many cases the information will help you in any event or workshop.

  • Headshot

    This headshot can be used for your website, fliers or printed materials in conjuction with a keynote or event with Jason.

  • Shift: Leadership by Design

    This logo can be used in conjunction with an event or keynote based on Jason's organizational development and engagement materials.

  • Mental Toughness Conferee Mailout

    This letter sets the audience up for Jason's talk on Mental Toughness by allowing each conferee to receive a free mental toughness quiz prior to the talk, so they can target takeaways for immediate application. Note this handout does not have the login info, as this will be added by the event planner once a contract with Jason is secured.

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